Monday, May 28, 2018

Summer workshop - MS Dhoni- The untold story - A movie review

We are surrounded by information everywhere - TV, magazines, radio, the internet, word of mouth...everywhere. One such source of information is blogs and the way they have crept all over the internet has made the surfers and the browsers happy about all the different kind of information they can get access to and so easily too.

The kids at the summer workshop were given topics to write blogs about. What they came up with is not just amazing but informative too. Here's a sneak peek on their thoughts.

This is a blog from Soham Saraf.

                                              MS Dhoni- The untold story - A movie review
Mahendra Singh Dhoni or MS Dhoni pronunciation, was born 7th July 1981 in Ranchi, Jharkhand. He first used to play football and he was a goalkeeper. Then the cricket coach of their school did not find a wicket-keeper for playing matches. So, he trained Dhoni to become a wicket-keeper as he did very good goalkeeping. He started working very hard on cricket and his progress also happened in his studies. After doing so much hard work, today he has become the most successful cricketer. In earlier months or even years, if he got out very early in a few matches, people criticized him. They were burning pictures of him in front of his father, mother and sister.

In 2011 world cup he was made captain of India. India went to the final and Dhoni played an outstanding knock of 92 not out of 63 balls. India had lifted the world cup trophy after 28 years. There was a very big party in the stadium as India had won the world cup and Sachin Tendulkar had retired at the age of 36. So Dhoni’s team became successful.

I also want to become a fast bowler when I grow up. It is my dream and I know that I will do it

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